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    1. I cannot thank you enough for providing us with this miracle. Your phytoplankton has been a true blessing to our family. My Dad was diagnosed with stage 3 inoperable lung cancer in 2008 (only 4 years ago). The doctors did not give us much hope at all for dad. They informed us that without chemo […]

      Robyn &. Jamie »
    2. Phytoplankton Super Plus 1000 has been part of the success in my health journey and wanted to let other people know about it!!!

      Glenn M. - Garland, Texas »
    1. I started taking Phytoplankton Super Plus 1000 exactly two weeks ago and I cannot believe what it has done for me in such a short time, my Chron’s Disease, which was active for the last thirty years, is finally in remission after only four weeks. Pain from Fibromyalgia and Arthritis has practically disappeared. I do […]

      Irene. S. Tampa FL »
    2. My results from taking Acai Berry – Tantiva have been exquisite, both physically and mentally. I noticed my mental clarity dramatically increase within four weeks of taking the product. My energy levels have soared, and my sleep patterns are better.

      Tiffany O. Phoenix AZ »
    1. I started taking Phytoplankton Super Plus 1000 approximately late November. Within 3 weeks I was feeling more energy and mental clarity than I had experienced for quite some time. Within 5 weeks I no longer had any Acid Reflux pain and was able to go off all medications for it (Losac). Also for the first […]

      -Kimberly S. Salt Lake UT »
    2. I have been using Tantiva Acai Berry and I felt great fantastic immediately upon taking it. I am about to turn 56  and lost 10 pounds in the last 6 months. This wasn’t possible with out Tantiva- Thank you!

      -Trout. P. Little Rock AR »
    1. My body has decided to get rid of a whole lot of waste and toxic build up because my body has gone into a cleanse mode and I feel wonderful. I have had the best sleep of my life and can’t say enough about Phytoplankton Super Plus 1000!!!

      -Mike R. Portland OR »
    2. My husband and I have been taking Acai Berry – Tantiva daily for the past two months and we are simply amazed by this product! I have not felt this wonderful in years and am full of energy, feel very clear, and have a sense of vitality unlike before

      -Mary. F. San Jose CA »
    1. Since beginning my intake Phytoplankton Super Plus 1000 I have noticed that I sleep much more soundly and deeply. I am delighted with the positive changes

      -Iris. S. Baton Rouge LA »
    2. As of my sixth month taking Tantiva Acai Berry, I have experienced the following health benefits: .I lost six inches off my waist, hips and abdomen, lost at least three pounds, got rid of a sinus that had been lingering for about five months, my acne finally cleared up, and I have no more cravings […]

      -Courtney. M. Billings MT »
    1. 18 months ago I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder or manic depression. I have been taking Phytoplankton Super Plus 1000 every day for 2 months now I have a much more positive attitude toward life and seem far more able to look to the future. Phytoplankton Super Plus 1000 has definitely improved the quality of […]

      -Travis K Dallas TX »
    2. My husband had a considerable-sized rash on his back for about 20 years that he would scratch everyday. Yesterday, just three weeks since he began taking Phytoplankton Super Plus 1000, I noticed the rash had disappeared and the skin that had replaced it was so soft! I’m Impressed!

      -C. G. Colorado Springs, CO »
    1. Thank you for making such a absolutely wonderful product … I believe it is really supporting my body better than any other thing that I have tried. It feels like my body can absorb it!

      -Lynne G Chicago, IL »
    2. I have been using Acai Berry – Tantiva since November 2011 and have noticed significant and amazing improvements in so many areas of my life.

      - Mary C. Govonor, NY »
    1. I have been taking Phytoplankton Super Plus 1000 for almost two months now and have found that my psoriasis has disappeared….I can’t believe it!!!

      -Dave R. Memphis, Tenn »